The Bounce House Company located in Windermere, Florida prides itself on providing the most elite, sanitary bounce houses at the most affordable prices to local Windermere families.

By the way, we are still not sure if it is pronounced Bounce House or Bouncy House. But to us, it doesn’t matter as long as your kids have a great time.

1. Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee great service and competitive pricing

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2. Unique Offering: Give your child the best bounce house experience of a lifetime

3. Stories: Matthew is a gymnast and he loves to jump. The problem is he loves to jump on his bed, the couch, and any other thing that he can possibly jump on. If he doesn’t get to job then often he has too much energy at bed time. That’s why when you sugar up your kids at a birthday party you need an outlet for the little guys like Matthew.

Katie has always wanted to be a princess and with our bounce houses she can have a castle of her very own. You can make it your own princess theme.

This birthday imagine the amount of fun at the kids will have in their very own bounce house. We have spent our time finding the most durable and easy-to-sanitize bounce houses on the market.

4. Customized Solutions: We customize our bounce house solutions to your needs.
Do you need one bounce house?

How about two?

How many people will be at the party?

These are all things that we can help you. Our staff is trained to recognize how much will go how far.